Where to Buy Pairs

Game Stores: 

Pairs is carried in hobby game stores, and is sold through all major hobby game wholesalers. If they don't carry it, ask your favorite local game store to order Pairs from their favorite distributor. Or check online. 

Online Stores:

If you'd like to buy Pairs online, you can find it at many online stores, including Amazon.com, and our partners at Funagain. Here are direct links to all the Pairs decks at Funagain.com:

If you know of a store that should carry Pairs, tell them to contact us!


You can buy some of the Pairs decks at DriveThruCards. DriveThru is a print-on-demand site that delivers casino-quality playing cards for short-run production.

Note: Pairs Decks at DriveThruCards come without rules or boxes, but you can add a sturdy plastic box for one dollar.

Other Publishers:

Pairs has been licensed by other publishers! Check it out!

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