Decks and Variations

Pairs isn't just one game. It's a set of sixteen different decks (and counting!) and more than 30 different games. The basics of each deck are the same; only the art is different. 

To learn more about the individual Pairs decks, click on the boxes below. Or click here for the basics.

Pairs: Barmaids Pairs: Fruit Deck Pirate Pairs Pairs: Muses 

Pairs: Commonwealth Modegan Pairs Pairs: Faen Princess Pairs 

Pairs: Shallow Ones Goblin Pairs Professor Elemental Pairs Vegas Pairs Deck 

Troll Pairs Deck LotF Pairs Deck Cuisine Pairs DeckRetro Vegas Pairs Deck

Antique Fruit Pairs Lucky Mansion Pairs Trees Pairs Tak Pairs Deck


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