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Pairs is growing all the time. We have just added the Lord of the Fries and Goddesses of Cuisine decks, which became available in November 2015.

We also have several new decks in the works. Here's just a quick list, based on the preview cards above:

  • Wild West Deck: Ten Western characters by Val Mayerik, from our friends at Breaking Games.  This deck contains a new gambling game called Ghost Town
  • Antique Fruit Deck: An old-fashioned take on the Fruit Deck drawn by BJ Becker, who also plays Doctor Lucky for Cheapass Games. Coming in SPring 2016. 
  • Child Thief Deck: From the novel written and illustrated by Brom, this deck contains characters from a very grown-up version of the Peter Pan story. No release date is yet set for this deck.
  • Deadfall: A Pairs deck dedicated to one of our favorite variants, Deadfall (also in the Lord of the Fries deck). Illustrated by Bill McGuire and scheduled for Spring 2016. This game will contain expanded rules and variants for Deadfall.
  • Tree Deck: A handsome, simple art deck of trees, illustrated by Phil Foglio. No release date set.

Retro Vegas Deck

New: We just added the Retro Vegas Pairs Deck, a fantastic new set of illustrations from Andrew Kolb. 

In addition, we are licensing Pairs in several languages, including German and Japanese, and some of those decks will also contain different art. Pairs is growing fast!

Cuisine Goddesses Deck

Goddesses of Cuisine by Echo Chernik: This is a collection of 10 illustrations of food, in the form of goddesses, by illustrator Echo Chernik (who also created the Barmaids deck). The list includes the goddesses of Spice, Herbs, Tea, Coffee, Cheese, Fruit, Veggies, Meat, Rice, and Bread. It also includes a new Pairs variant called The Judge.

Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries Pairs Deck: As part of the Lord of the Fries Kickstarter campaign, we created a deck of Zombies from ten different restaurants, for a new Zombie Pairs Deck. The deck also includes the rules for a great new Pairs variant called Deadfall.

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